Friday March, 22 / From the Klein Family

To all our friends and family … this post is to inform you of the passing of my father Mac Klein. He left yesterday (*Thursday, March 24, 2016) comfortably and surrounded by people he loved. He wanted celebration, not mourning, because his life was one of great love, friendship and success. He lived every moment. My father was a charitable man. He did so in a way to always maintain a person’s dignity and help them realize their own value by giving them the tools to do the work. He was greatly respected by all who knew him. My dad got his true joy at the end of the day when he returned to the beautiful home he shared with his soulmate Mary and sitting outside surrounded by his animals. He was a simple man with great ambition.


There will be no service. If you would like to do something in honor of him, you can donate to Heifer international. A charity that helps people help themselves, just like my dad. My family has asked all to post memories or messages on Facebook. We are sensitive to and respect everyone’s need to show their love and respect for this amazing man, but we also need some time to deal with our loss. We will read ever single post and know we are very appreciative of them. – Thank you


Mac Klein in World War II, served under Gen. Patton doing reconnaissance – behind enemy lines – before D-day!