Anthony Bourdain shows his support – stay tuned on the new episode filmed in Dec. 2014!




Prince gives someone a royal welcome …



Deucers flock here from around the world …

9 thoughts on “Friends!

  1. Mac: I believe you knew my Father, Hank Akers, who was a stunt diver in Miami Beach. A lifeguard for Miami Beach, and he was the Jumpmaster At Fort Benning while you were there. I’m sure you remember Hank as he was a regular of your bar and mentioned you a lot. He was a double for Johnny Weismuller in several Tarzan movies and was good friends of the Pinders. Let me know if you tember him. Thanks Patrick Akers 850 445-7614

  2. does colin still work there as manager? he’s from Greenwich uk ..used to work for concord couriers..does jean from quebec still work there?

  3. Hello Mr. Klein! My parents where Jimmy and Jean Preston- They loved you very much! I came across some cute photos of you and them and Mary? (circa 1970’s) Let me know if you would like me to send them! Take care. ps I also remember Zena your beautiful daughter>

  4. I used to stop in back in 1999 when I worked on the Europa Sun gambling ship docked at M.B. Marina.Sorry about Mr. Klein…I never met him but he must have been a cool guy.I’m glad your still there as I hear Wolfie’s and many others are gone.I lived at Forte Towers which is condos now. Bye guys and thanks!
    Skip in Titusville,Fl

  5. Stevie-girl, Yucca Valley, CA. Trying to reach out to my friend Angelo. He always raves about The Deuce.”. I thought maybe someone there would have heard from him or seen him perhaps. Just wanting to check in with him and make sure he’s ok in these strange days. He and I are both members at the local Landers Moose lodge. If anyone knows Angelo and can give him a heads up, I’d really be grateful. ❤👍
    Sincere thanks

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