Oldest Bar in Miami (Bldg. est./built. – 1926/owned-run by Mac – since 1964)“Laid-back ambiance, rustic decor, pool table & jukebox make this South Beach institution a local hangout.” Not to mention our legendary 2-4-1 Happy Hour 8am-7pm! 


An interview with Mac Klein in the local Miami New Times, written on Wednesday, September 9, 2015:

… “On September 19, 1914, Mac Klein was born — just 49 years after Robert E. Lee’s army fired the last bullet of the Civil War and two months into World War I. The Ford Model T was celebrating its sixth year on the road. Miami Beach didn’t exist, and neither did chocolate chips or penicillin.

More than a century later, Klein spends most days in the creaky wooden office of Mac’s Club Deuce, the legendary South Beach bar he’s owned for 51 years. Saturday, September 19, he’ll throw his 101st-birthday party in the joint.

What Mac’s Club Deuce has done in South Beach is nothing short of a miracle. Miami Vice threw its cast party here. Playboy named it one of the “best dive bars” (2010) in America. And Anthony Bourdain says it’s one of his favorite spots in the world. In a city that changes like an indecisive chameleon, an island always for sale to the highest bidder, Mac’s joint has remained a pristine, neon-lit paradise untouched by outside forces.

A lot has happened in the Deuce’s 51 years. Some of the chapters in this history book have faded away, and some have been soaked in beer, rendering entire pages blurry and fragile. A fair number of its authors are dead or missing. Still, there are those who were there and remember — or at least they swear they do.” …



Mac’s Club Deuce
222 14th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Our fearless leader … in the Army, during WW2.

Mac Klein, from NYC, in the Army -  WW2!

Mac Klein, from NYC, in the Army – WW2!

(305) 531-6200Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 am 

*design for Mac;s – 100th Birthday Party (yep!)

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  1. Hi there,

    My brother and I shall be holidaying in Miami next week from the UK. We have heard fun things about your club, and are just wondering if we need to put our names down on a guest list?

    Regards, Anne.

  2. Love your bar.Do you sell t-shirts?
    Adam Peraza NYC

  3. Happy 100th Birthday Mac! You look great and wow, what a handsome guy are in your uniform. I’m watching you right now on CNN, with Anthony Bourdane. I hope I can get to meet you someday at your bar.

  4. Happy Birthday to Mac! My dad was stationed at Fort Benning in 1974. I’ll be honored to have a drink in your bar this summer.

  5. Hi- just wondering if you’re open January 1?

  6. Happy belated birthday Mac!!! Just wanted to let you know that I along with Helen Calrke are producing a film on Tomatâ du Plenty and would love to speak with you and Mary…Let us know, Cheers!!!

  7. I think my grandfather B.J.Schwartz and Uncle Harold Schwartz were former owners? Is this true?

  8. Hi, Club Deuce Bar
    I’m Veron Campos and I’m from Brazil. I have a blog ( http://viagemsembagagem.com/ ) that shares gastronomy/food/drinks all around the world.
    I will be in Miami during the month of November to explore the State of Florida and I’d like to do a story (to make a review) about Club Deuce Bar Miami for the readers of my blog.
    Please, who could help me?
    Best regards,

  9. Just a regular, real fun nite at the 222 … We’ll have party items – noise makers, balloons, etc. – on hand too!

  10. My brother David Adams passed away last week.

    I was adopted and never met him until last year. We only got to talk on the phone but had great conversations and were looking forward to meeting in person.

    He Loved Mac’s and would call me from the bar to say hi. He told me of the great people he hung around with there.

    Please give him a shout out for me today.

    Rest in peace big brother <3


  11. Hey there from Philly,

    Love the bar and have been a handful of times. Where can I get a t-shirt.


  12. We visit Macs every time we are on the east coast. We think Mel is the greatest bartender ever!! See you soon Judi


  14. One of the most fun places I used to visit regularly in the 80’s whenever I was in Miami. Weekends were the best with all sorts of people from every land and part of life. Always an adventure and I highly recommend it!

  15. Hi everyone my name is Xavier I am from Virginia , I came with my friend I I have in Amazing time , I can tell u this’s the best bar I haven been in Miami, so original and make me feel that I am on home , thanks for a such great time to all people at The Deuce

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